Companies wishing to establish their headquarters in Luxembourg can do so at the offices of Coficom by establishing a Luxembourg corporate address under a domiciliation agreement.

Our approach is flexible and scalable, meaning that you receive the exact level of support you need — no less, no more. We can help you manage your needs, and can provide you with a prime, single point of contact which fits with your needs.

Company domiciliation is a regulated activity and therefore you must ensure that you have a partner you can rely on.

In Luxembourg domiciliation occurs in the hypothesis where the company opts to locate its offices in third party premises other than under a lease and the third party provides services for the company, for example legal secretariat and administrative follow-up.

The activity of company domiciliation is regulated under Luxembourg law by the Law of 31 May 1999, which reserves its exercise to certain regulated professions, including Coficom.

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