Companies in today’s competitive global economy require specific solutions to the particular challenges posed by the dynamics of their respective industries. We tailor our corporate administration service delivery around our clients’ needs and the industry in which they operate, enabling us to develop specialist knowledge.

From large corporates to those established for holding specific investments, such as real estate, yachts, ships or aircraft, our highly qualified and motivated team is on hand to carry out comprehensive administration of these companies.

We have in-depth knowledge of the various regulatory systems of our jurisdictions and understanding of the requirements of international financial reporting, giving our clients peace of mind. Our communication, reporting and technical platforms have been designed to provide up-to-date client information on request so as to meet their individual reporting needs.

Coficom’s services include:

  • Providing company secretary and directors, resident representatives and a registered office for the company;
  • Maintaining required records, including statutory records and the company minute book;
  • Preparing notices and agendas, attending and taking minutes of meetings of shareholders, directors and committees;
  • Liaising with those authorised to speak for the company and its shareholders and with the company’s principals, bankers, managers, accountants and auditors;
  • Advising on legislative changes in the jurisdiction having an impact on the company’s statutory requirements;
  • Administering the general day-to-day corporate affairs of the company, including dealing with correspondence, faxes, telephone calls and emails;
  • If required, providing boardroom and support facilities for company and directors’ meetings held in one of our locations;
  • Making applications to, and filing of statutory documents with, local regulatory authorities on behalf of the company;
  • Soliciting the advice of affiliated companies in connection with the provision of corporate administrative services;
  • Ensuring compliance with anti-money-laundering legislation.

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